Monday, July 29, 2013

Good News!(?)

Hey all, I know that I've pretty much dropped off the face of this earth, and I know that I have posted multiple posts like this.  But I just wanted to announce that I am officially back!  I will be going over my old posts and re-acquainting myself with the Sims game then a new post should be out quickly! 

Now, I have mentioned before "my life changing a lot".  I won't get into full details, but one of the "changes" so happens to be that I was finally diagnosed with a chronic illness.  I was sick while I was blogging before, but I've since gotten much worse, and it's sometimes hard to get the energy up to Sim.  Besides, I had lost all motivation to Sim, and it had become a chore.  I didn't want that to happen. 

There have been times since the last challenge post I made that I have seriously contemplated just quitting, even selling my Sims games.(I might still eventually sell them.)  But then two things happened:  Since my phone is synced with my google account, all of the pictures that have ever been on my blog are on my phone.  Because of this, my phone was out of storage really quickly, so I had to go through and delete them.  The good part about this was that while looking at the pictures, I began missing simming, I began missing the challenge, I began missing blogging.  I missed all of...THIS.  The other thing that happened was that I decided that I most certainly am not a quitter. 

So, here I am, back again.  Who knows for how long?  But I am determined to not quit, and at the very least get through the end of this challenge. 

Ready, set, SIM! 

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